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Does Amazon mean the End of UX as we know it?

So I’m often asked in the street ‘What is the future of UX?’* And, bombshell, in my Tyler Durden voice I reply: ‘There is no UX!

(*Disclaimer: I’ve never been stopped in the street and asked ‘What is the future of UX?’. That would just be weird. But I do get stopped by tourists a lot who ask me for directions to places I have no idea existed. I just send them in any old direction)

Last year, Amazon OWNED the internet (using caps Oleg style for emphasis, I’ll stop that now) – apparently 89% of all online orders at the busiest time of year went through Amazon**.  89%!?!!

That’s crazy.  I know that includes Amazon marketplace, so eBay is the one taking a big hit and small traders are just moving somewhere new to sell their stuff…

But still.  Eighty nine percent?!  eBay had better think of something quick, those ‘beige is bad’ adverts are not working.



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