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Big Boy Media is a new media design company founded way back in 2003, specializing in Responsive Website development, E-Commerce, Search Engine Optimisation, Brand Identity, CMS/Database site development and more.

Our philosophy? It's simple! To produce unique, innovative, interesting and fresh digital media solutions.

We approach each individual project with the following design goals and criteria in mind: Accessibility, Creativity, Consistency and Maintainability.


Our Teams and Partners

Big Boy Media Ltd

Big Boy Media Ltd

Main Development Team
UK Website Design

UK Website Design

Multi-Disciplinary Digital Team
Rapid Commerce

Rapid Commerce

E-Commerce Development

What makes us different?

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We are an honest, reassuringly professional yet surprisingly inexpensive, digital media design company with fully-individualized digital media solutions that are affordable and popular with our client base.

Our History

Big Boy Media Ltd was formed back in 2003 and originally operated from two offices jointly in the North East and North West of the country. Now covering all of the UK, we regularly make time to meet our clients and have long-standing relationships with several globally successful companies.

  • Formed since 2003
  • Proven industry experience
  • Successful clientbase

Our Credentials

Professional Indemnity (£1million), Public Liability (£1million) and Product Liability (£1million) Insurance Registered with Glemham Underwriting Limited.

Registered with the UK Web Design Association since May 2003.

Awarded the Supplier Training Scheme mark for Website Accessibility in the Cultural and Heritage Sector having successfully completed an approved programme delivered by AbilityNet.

Awarded the Supplier Training Scheme mark for Digitisation of Museums, Libraries & Archives’ Objects having successfully completed an approved programme delivered by KDCS & AHDS.

  • Listed on the North East England Service Provider Register, No. SPR33.
  • Approved Supplier for North-East Funding Projects.

I'm convinced - how can I reach you?!

Just go straight on over to our Contact Us page where you’ll find our office phone number and online enquiry form, and we have one handy below too, where you can easily get a hold of us. If you want a recap:

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