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Is UX a waste of time? Part Two

What is Wrong with UX – Numero Dos.

Last time we introduced the dark art of UX problems. Our aim is to cut the wheat from the chaff. The belly button fluff from the belly button. Not for philanthropic reasons – oh no – it’s so that Charlatans don’t give the profession such a bad rep that we can’t work in it any longer! Or they throw all the UX work to BA’s. And none of us want that.

Remember the first problem? Let’s dive straight into the next big one.

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Is UX a waste of time?

OK. Spoiler alert. This is not going to go down well with everybody.

I’ve worked in ‘UX’ (yes, careful use of speech marks) for many years, since people jumped onto this new acronym and suddenly if you knew what it meant, you were part of “the club”.

And for a discipline where so few experts have a HCI degree, work-based qualification or even any form of training (from a ‘real life’ person), I’m waiting for the shift in abuse on LinkedIn spam from recruiter-bashing to UX-designer hate.

Surely as a discipline, it’s the easiest to break into, the easiest to succeed at, and the easiest to blag your way to the very top.

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