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Smart Phone App Development

Our team members have over 4yrs experience of both Android and iPhone app development, with a collective 60 iphone/ipad apps, 30 Android applications and more than 20 standalone games in the marketplace.

The Android iOS platform is very powerful and we have apps that make best use of GPS location services; Touch Capture; Facebook, Google and other SDks and APIs; Touch Capture and more.

Of course everyone knows about the iPhone app world - where we are all just one step away from developing 'the next big thing' - and making quite a bit of money! Perhaps more rigid than the Android platform with additional rules, but typically can prove to be a lot more lucrative for golden ideas. 

Where apps need to be created across all platforms, our developers know the limitations and benefits of each. Unfortunately, there is not a "one app size fits all" and usually two unique apps (based on the same requirements and wireframes) need to be developed as simply the android and iphone apps work on a completely different coding platform.  There are a small number of programs that offer cross-platform opportunities, however they are not supported by Apple (although Android as an open source alternative is a little more forgiving) and anything not-supported is one step away from being useless in the next version update.  For this reason, we prefer to stick with proven platform technologies and frameworks that abide by the rules, so all our apps are "futureproof".

Also to bear in mind, we have actual experience of real-world user experience and feedback - we know what people like, and what makes them delete the app. What makes them come back for more, and what makes them complain.  This can be as small an issue as the menu icons (and commonly such "small" considerations are very, very important!) -- where Apple users are sometimes considered to be loyal and prefer the "sleek" web 2.0 graphics, Android users typically demand something more in fitting with the base app icon sets, and will run a mile when they see anything "apple-fied"!

We also have experience with complete bug-testing, fixing and version control. App development is rarely a one-step or finished process, with platform enhancements, usage refinements, user feedback (that may not always be as expected) and more as part of the development process with additional stages and support to be available that we always offer and set out in our proposals.

Typically the process can be broken down to:

Wire-framing & Conceptual Art;
Research and 3rd Party Plug-ins;
Application backend development;
Design & graphic development;
Bug-testing and fixing;
Finally Submission for Feedback.

For each proposal we need to know your total estimated budget, timeframes for the launch phase, and ideally a clear process of the app "goals" - this can be anything from sketches on paper to proper PDFs, but we need to know exactly what you would like - and then it's up to us to exceed those expectations!

What about if you want to start small?  We have a number of "ready made" apps that just require customisation tailored to your company or business, and they are ready to go!  From Marketing apps for Businesses making use of animations, Google Maps API and more;  to modern QR (quick response) code readers sponsored and branded to your business.  Contact us to find out a little more today!


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